Paying Too Much In Tax Hurts You, ‘Emotional Tax’ I mean. 

Let me explain: 

How much have you paid in your emotions: In frustration and disappointment and heartache over a guy (or guys) who didn’t commit to you? The wasted time that for some of you stems into years. 

You know what I’m talking about right? The sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you see him sneaking a peak at another woman. Or when he says he’s going to call you but doesn’t. Or when he says he’s not ready for a relationship, only then to see him weeks or even days later arm in arm with another woman after he has dumped you or even if you’ve dumped him. 

It hurts doesn’t it. 

And that hurt inside is what you end up carrying around into your next relationship. Vowing to yourself that you’ll never make that same mistake again, only to feel let down yet again by yet another guy because you’ve repeated the same patterns from your past. 

Or perhaps you’ve shut yourself off from guys completely. Believing that the only way to protect yourself is to cut yourself off. Throwing yourself into your career or business because at least that is something you feel you can control. 

Maybe some of you are allowing yourself to have fake online relationships or chatting to guys who you know aren’t available, accepting whatever measly crumbs he throws your way whilst you’re becoming more & more besotted by him. All in all keeping yourself shut off from having anything real with a guy who does want to be with you  – for something more than a side note or convenience or boredom. 

Even if you happen to fall into another relationship. The walls are up. A barrier is there. You’re looking for when he’s going to do something bad to you. Permanently on edge instead of relaxing into the moment and into the relationship. 

That’s what paying too much emotional tax is: You’ve gotten hurt once, twice, three times even, but you feel that pain of the past over and over and over again. And you relive it over and over again with someone whose face has changed but the type you attract remains the same. Even if you stay alone, you relive the past in your mind when you close those doors at night and remain alone. 

Carrying around the emotional burdens and heartache from the past – allowing it to seep into your current love life, is shaping your emotional landscape but not in a way that actually makes you happy. This is what is known as paying too much emotional tax. 

I know because I’ve been there too. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

If this is something you’re struggling with because you want to meet your Mr Right, then contact me. 

Only you can make the decision to change and give yourself the chance to Attract & Keep Your Mr Right. 

Don’t remain stuck. 

Contact me to move forward in your love life. Don’t miss out on love ❤

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