What Men Look For In Online Dating Photos

What Men Look For In Online Dating Photos

The ONE thing I discovered men look for in online dating profile photos that sends him wild with desire.

If you’ve ever done or are doing online dating, then you know what a minefield it can be to attract the right type of guys for you.

I know some of you are frustrated and irritated by some of the guys who contact you. But this post isn’t about that.

This post is about how much thought have you put into your online dating photos?

Did you just go through old photos of yourself that you had on your phone? Uploading ones you found quickly to get the job done?  Perhaps some of the photos are from 1, 2, 5 even 10 years ago showing your ‘best years’. Perhaps you were at a different weight back then.  Or perhaps you’re convinced that if he sees a younger you then he’ll be more interested, and then be wowed by your personality when he meets you, as you hope that he’ll ignore that you don’t look like your photos anymore  (and yes, before you scream at me, men are equally as guilty of doing this too)

Look. I’m not here to rain on your parade. I am here to tell you the fearless truth of what actually works on online dating in order for you to attract high quality guys FAST who are looking for high quality women.

You see, there’s NOTHING you can do if he prefers a younger woman or a woman of a particular size for example. He already has his preference set of whom he finds particularly attractive.

However. the ONE universal thing that I discovered when I interviewed men on what makes him swipe right on certain women, is her having ‘vibrant’ energy.

Now, before you think I’m talking about you having to wear wacky clothes to stand out, I’m not.

I am however talking about how you come across on camera. I am talking about the thought you put into what you’re wearing in your photos. And I’m also talking about whether you look as if you’re happy in life, and have a life HE would want to be a part of.

You see, I’ve been shocked by some of the photos I’ve seen.

Blurred photos. Old photos. Only unsmiling head shots (because some of you are trying to hide your size). Ones of you in your wedding dress getting married but with the groom cut out!!!! Yes, this is absolutely true!!!

No matter your age or size, if you’re showing photos of yourself as looking vibrant – meaning – looking sparkling, full of life & passionate, then he’s going to feel an attraction towards you. All things being equal – if there were two women who were the same age & size & looks, BUT one had photos of herself looking vibrant and the other had average looking photos –  hands down, he would chose the vibrant looking woman.


Because if a guy is over the age of thirty, most likely he’s had a few failed relationships under his belt. Perhaps he’s been married and divorced. Most likely he might be feeling a little jaded by love and is unquestionably looking for a woman who looks alive and in love with life. Who he feels will bring some feminine sparkle back into his life and rock his world.

A woman who looks vibrant – who has an energy about her that shows she’s confident and comfortable in her own skin and enjoys being a woman is intensely attractive to men.

You see, you want him to experience not the ‘X factor’ but the ‘Wow Factor’ when he sees you. Trust me, if you can do this, I guarantee he’ll be hooked 😉

In world of Instagram & filters & photoshop, image matters. Don’t get left behind. When you’re taking your online dating photos: Confidently look into the camera, dress in your most awesome feminine self and show off your best features. When I go through this exercise with my clients, it’s often where I find the most tears, resistance & stress. But, when they let go and go with what I suggest, then the types of guys they attract changes. It literally is like a flip of a switch, suddenly, like magic, the guys they want start to message them. Their confidence grows as a consequence.

If you have the ability to create the ‘Wow Factor’ in your photos and in life, I guarantee that you’ll attract more high quality guys, and as a consequence, have more to choose from because you’ll be in high demand.

Wouldn’t you prefer to able to pick & choose and find Mr Right quickly rather than feeling you have to settle?

Lead with your feminine power.

Be vibrant.

Be fearless.

Find love.

Andrea crump wearing vibrant white suit