After your first or second date he says: “We should maybe meet up again sometime soon”, and then you hear nothing from him for days or weeks if at all and you feel confused.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been hanging by your phone waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

Still believing that he’s going to call you and ask you out on another real date.

Ladies, if that’s you, I hate to break the news to you, but the chances of him calling you again to arrange another real date with you are slim to none. The longer it’s left, the less likely it’s going to happen.

IF he does actually contact you again, it will most likely be because he’s got some free time to kill, he’s bored, he’s feeling lonely, his girlfriend has just dumped him, and he remembered you and thought, why not, worth a shot. On the outset – and this is rare indeed, perhaps when you two were initially getting together, it just wasn’t the best time for him. However, I have rarely seen this happen that after disappearing for months – that he comes back suddenly in love simply after you’ve been on one or two dates.

If he wasn’t feeling it on the first date…or perhaps he wasn’t so sure so gave it another date, then you won’t be hearing from him again UNLESS, like I said above, he’s looking to get some fast uncomplicated casual sex or casual chat.

Listen, I don’t want you waiting around endlessly for some guy to call you who was clearly lacking in enthusiasm in the first place. The ‘maybe’, ‘sometime’ ‘soon’ are obvious giveaways as to the level of his attraction towards you.

Yeah, sure, there are some guys out there of course who can be shy and are therefore not so forward in asking out a girl directly and will use the type of phrasing mentioned above.

BUT, I’ve seen those same shy guys step up and get clear and be confident when they’ve felt on a gut level an intense attraction for a girl. That no matter how it feels for him on the inside, that no matter how gut wrenchingly painful it might be for him if he thinks you’re going to reject him – that if he knows he’s going to lose you, he’s going to pluck up the courage and make it clear that he wants to see you again.

And he will follow through.

There will be no vagueness.

There will be no confusion.

It will be crystal clear.

So, if you’re feeling angry or upset because he hasn’t called you yet.

Or you feel disappointed.

Or you’re still waiting by the phone and even temped to call him.

Please don’t.


Because feeling that way only hurts you and you have much better things to do with your precious time….

I don’t want you to become jaded about love because finding love can be difficult sometimes in our modern high tech world, but it doesn’t have to be. If you become jaded, then you’re more likely to mistrust men, shut down and isolate yourself, and as a consequence remain single for a very long time  – which is the exact opposite of what you want right?

However, when you’re able to move past these disappointments quickly, and tell yourself that all these Mr Wrongs are taking you one step closer to your Mr Right, then you’ll remain feeling good and positive about yourself, and be happy to continue dating – which is exactly what you need to do to Attract Your Mr Right.

So if you’ve been feeling let down by yet another guy who said he was going to call but didn’t, then just remember, that if he’s being vague with you when it comes to meeting up again – OR even if he blatantly said he was going to call you again but didn’t, then, in his way, he was being polite and was trying to let you down gently, and didn’t want to hurt your feelings to your face by saying that he didn’t want to see you again.

The best thing to do is put it down to experience, and remember that you’re going to come across Mr Wrongs, to get to your Mr Right and it’s all part of your journey to love.

Trust and believe in yourself and never give up on love.

If this is something that you’re struggling with, then contact me. I’m here to help you find love.

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