Meeting your soulmate can seem like it’s difficult sometimes, so here are five things that you can do right now to attract your Mr. Right – your soul mate. Interested? Then keep on reading because dating tips for women covers all bases to help you to become successful in love.

Number One: Visualise Your Soulmate


Write down or think about what type of guy you would you like because meeting your soulmate requires you to be able to visualize him, and in order to do that, then you must ‘know’ who he is so that you can recognise him when he comes. When you visualize him, and feel deeply how it feels to finally be with him, that will increase the vibration of your desires to a higher frequency. By doing so, attracting your soulmate will become an unbreakable belief in your unconscious and subconscious mind. When it becomes deeply embedded into your subconscious, attracting your soulmate will become more effortless and things will start to fall into place. You will become a powerful manifester.

Getting the foundations right means you have a better chance at finding you Mr. Right and meeting your soulmate. So, what are the real qualities that you’re looking for with your Mr. Right? When you’ve answered that question, then ask yourself: Where would this type of guy be hanging out? Once you’ve answered that, then ask yourself: Are you hanging out in the same places where you think your Mr. Right will be because if you’re not, then obviously that needs to change.


I had one of my clients do this exact same exercise. She liked really tall rugby type men, yet she wasn’t meeting those types of men in her every day daily life. So when it was rugby season I told her to go to a rugby game and/or go to the pub where not only will the majority of the audience be male, but also a good percentage of them might have been rugby players themselves. Regardless, it was a fantastic opportunity to interact with the men around, and seeing as it was going to be a dominance of men, it would increase her chances of meeting someone who fitted her particular type and as a result, increase her chances of meeting her soulmate.

So whatever type of guy you’re looking for first figure out:

1) What qualities should he have to make you feel happy.

2) Where will that type of man be hanging out.

Then you’ve got to take some action and go to where he’s most likely hanging out because this is not theory. Even if you believe in the law of attraction, the law of attraction still requires you to take action on what you desire. Listen, you have to do something about meeting your soulmate unless you expect your soulmate to pop up at your front door – which would be the case if he’s your postman! Some of you might be feeling uncomfortable right now hearing that you’ve got to get outside of your comfort zone and take some action, but just by taking these small steps will make the difference and turn your love life around.

If you need a friend to go out with, just invite a friend along and tell them you’re ready to meet someone significant and your taking action to make that happen. Remember, whilst it’s a great start to hang out where your favourite types of men hang out, you must also interact with them!! If you go out to socialise yet never smile or have a stony faced, then don’t expect men to approach or talk to you. Which leads me nicely onto number two.


Number 2: Smile!

Smiling is infectious. You will become more attractive and you will attract more when you smile to the world.


This by far is one of the most important dating tips for women! You have no idea how infectious it is to smile. Smiling is such a simple thing to do that can really change your dating life quickly. When you smile, more people will warm to you. Furthermore, you will look more approachable which are both win win situations.

I’m going to challenge you here, so let’s do a little bit of homework that I call ‘Flirting With The World’:  When you do this, your whole energy changes because you’re sending out a very positive vibe, and that vibe is super attractive and attracting.

Over the next seven days, I want you to smile at a stranger every day because for all you know, meeting your soulmate could be as simple as smiling at a stranger because that stranger might be your soulmate. They don’t have to be male – although it would be great if they were all male and even better if you smiled at men you find attractive!!! Regardless, this exercise is more about you looking open and friendly and engaging and interacting with people in a friendly heart warming way.

Now, if you live in a big hustling bustling metropolis of a city, you may feel it’s not appropriate to ‘Flirt With The World’, especially if you believe that you’re intruding on people’s ‘Me Time’.  It’s a sad world we live in if smiling at someone is deemed to make you an odd ball. We’re living in a society where we spend most of our time nose down into our mobile phones or iPads, ear phones plugged in, avoiding eye contact with people and consequentially avoiding any real human interaction other than an ‘excuse me’ when you need to get off a train or bus or something, yet even with all this technology, what we’re craving the most is a return back to good old fashioned human connection. Which is the reason why I want you to smile! It will not only lift your energy and spirits, but it will also lighten up someone else’s day.

I genuinely want you to look at someone and just smile because meeting your soulmate could be just a smile away. You don’t have to say anything other than smile. The thing is, for all you know, your Mr. Right could be on the underground; he could be on the train; he could be on the bus; he could be in the queue across from you as he queues up for his morning wake-me up Starbucks Coffee, and all he’s looking for is a signal from a lovely woman that lets him know: ‘It’s okay to approach’.

Let’s be honest, if you’re looking miserable, or if you’re looking unhappy or if you’re distracted thinking about other things, you may not be smiling and he may not know if it’s okay to approach you. Therefore if you smile, he will know it’s ok to approach you because he’ll think that you won’t shut him down (men fear rejection too) because smiling is so inviting and engaging and people warm to those who smile. It’s such a simple and easy step to do, that you can be pro-active and do this easily today!

These simple steps could make such a HUGE difference, so much so that you could be meeting your soulmate much more sooner than you think, just like one of my clients Lisa did, who within three months of coaching with me met her soulmate Joshua. She started to ‘Flirt With The World’, and just like magic, Joshua suddenly appeared and swooped in to be her guy. He’s now saving up for an engagement ring to be married!

Number 3: Utilise The Six Degrees Of Separation.


Use the principles of The Six Degrees of Separation because your Mr Right is closer than you think.


I’m often asked for some of my most popular dating tips for women, and here is one that isn’t often seen.

Have you heard of ‘Six Degrees Of Separation’? It’s a theory that’s been around since 1929, proposed by an Hungarian writer called Frigyes Karinthy.  Explained in the most simplest terms it means: That we’re six or fewer steps away from anyone in this world; six steps away from being connected with anyone on the planet.

Therefore this means that you are less than six steps away from being introduced to your soulmate! So one way or another, you are connected to your soulmate. They could be a Facebook friend, or a friend of a friend in your social circle. Two people who are destined to be together are in some way already connected, therefore meeting your soulmate is only a matter of time because you’re already connected in a matter of six steps or less. How amazing is that!? To those of you who have lost hope or wonder when or even if you’re going to meet him, this concept alone should renew your faith in meeting your soulmate because he is much more closer than you think.

So if you want to speed up the process of meeting your soulmate, what I want you to do is: Think of three of your closest girlfriends, just pick three of your female friends  – your best friends, and tell them that you’re open to meeting that special someone: That you’re now ready and open to meeting your soulmate.

Some of you might feel uncomfortable doing this exercise and that’s okay because I still want you to “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” as is the famous quote made popular by author and spiritual teacher, Susan Jeffers.  So, I still want you to do it because as I’ve said just before, with the ‘Six Degrees Of Separation’, your guy could be a friend of one of your girl friend’s, whom you haven’t met yet, so an introduction could easily solve that problem of your current singledom status.

For those of you who might struggle in what to say to your girl friends, then simply say: “I’m ready to settle down and I’m open to going on a blind date. Do you have any male friends that you could set me up on a blind date with?” Then, let them set you up on a blind date because I know that your best friends will be right behind you in meeting your soulmate.

I always ask my clients to do this same exercise. One client being Sally did. She was ten years single and was ready to meet her soulmate. Just like magic, her Mr Right was already in her circle of friends but for some reason they had never met, until she did this exercise. He happened to be a friend of a friend. Five years later they’re still married. Another client of mine Sarah, who saw me for 3 months did this same exercise and soon after, within the space of three months, she met her Mr right, and now they’re married and have a baby boy. Her Mr Right was already in the same close circle of friends but for some reason they never met either! This could happen to you too if you’re willing to take that risk for love and are being not only open but proactive in meeting your soulmate.

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To give you some science behind it: There was a survey done recently by MIC. They surveyed around 3000 people, aged between 18-34, and in this survey they said that 39% of those people within that age range met their long term partner through mutual friends as opposed to only 10% doing online dating like Tinder, or for example.


Think about that research. If you’re reading this and you’re within that age range, the chances of you meeting your soulmate are greatly increased by using your immediate social circle. The findings as we get older show that our circle of friendships remains static or even decreases, therefore, the chances of you meeting your soulmate increases when you use both online dating AND asking around your circle of friends.  However, with my clients, interestingly, no matter their age, overall, their dating success came more from meeting men in their social circle even if they haven’t actually met them yet. These men were already connected to them via one or two contacts. So exploring this option can be extremely beneficial and could lead you directly to meeting your soulmate.


So, your guy could be very close to you, therefore I want you to be bold! Text your female friends, just three girls, let them know that you’re wanting to be set up on a blind date and just go for it! Or give them a quick call and get yourself set up on a blind date because dating tips for women means that you must also take some action in going for your dream man.


Number 4: Your Image and Personal Style.


woman in red dress

What you wear says everything about you.


I want you to mix it up in what you’re wearing. I want you to get the outfit that you save for special occasions, perhaps an outfit that you wear on an evening with the girls and if it’s appropriate I want you to wear that to work! Yes, to work!! But ONLY if it’s appropriate of course. If that isn’t appropriate – to still wear something that ups your game. Something that says: I’m happy; I’m attractive; I like myself.

What that does is that you’ll get to feel differently about yourself, you’ll have an air of confidence, generate that indefinable ‘quality’ that makes you seem different from the rest, which means that when it comes to meeting your soulmate who is looking for someone like you, he’ll be able to identify you more quickly and easily from the rest of the crowd.


What can happen, just like what happened with one of my clients, was that she did just that – she wore her ‘special’ outfit that she’d only wear for special occasions to work instead. When she did that, heads were turning and she generated a lot of curiosity from both sexes.  Many of the women asked had she lost weight. Others asked if she had met someone special. Men would ask her whether she was going out on a date, and some actually asked her out on a date! That’s how powerful this exercise can be. Meeting your soulmate could become so much easier for you because he could be someone who works in your building or office who hasn’t even noticed you yet. People’s perception of you can change when you change. You might not realise how powerful you really are, but you can influence how others see you.

You see, her work colleagues were so used to seeing her in the same outfit day in & day out, wearing appropriate attire for work, that they stopped paying much attention to her or even really ‘notice’ her. However, when she ‘upgraded’ her work outfits and started dressing in clothes that were very flattering and more colourful –  then guys that she’d be working for years with, started to come up to her and say: “Hi”, as if they’d never seen her before! And she had been working in that same department for five years by that point!


As a result of the image transformation, she started to get more attention from both sexes, she started to feel good about herself and she started to feel more confident in her level of attractiveness. You know what happened to those old clothes? They’ve been thrown away in the trash.  She wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of her meeting your soulmate. And sure enough, she did. Her name is Zonya, and she’s been with her soulmate five years now.

For all you know, your soulmate could be where you work, he could be the guy you see on your way to work; he could be coming for an interview that day at your work place; or he could be meeting a friend from your work place. So he might never have noticed you before but by following this example, you can guarantee that he’s going to notice you.

Number 5: Online Dating

Dating tips for women must include a section on ‘online dating’ if you’re serious about meeting your soulmate. Look I know I said that there’s only around 10% of people that get into long term committed relationships have met online. Still, that 10% is better than zero percent.  So, find a dating site online that has the option of you meeting men who live locally to you, it could be Tinder or it could be something like for example.

All you need to get going is a close up photo of your face (smiling of course), used as your profile picture. Second thing you need is writing in your profile the type of man you’re looking for. If that seems too uncomfortable to write a big description of who you’re looking for, then for now at least, just write a few lines.

All you need to do is take that step because your soulmate – Your Mr. Right – could be on there and he can’t see you if you’re not visible. I read a book recently called ‘Turn Your Cablight On’ by Nancy Slotnick. The basic premise, as the title suggests, is about the importance of allowing yourself to be seen, making yourself to be available and visible so HE can actually find you and come get you.


All these five ways I’ve pointed out to you clearly say: “I’m available, I’m looking, my light is on”. You’re smiling, you’re dressing in an attractive flattering way; you’re feeling happy; you’re socializing more; you’re telling you friends that you’re open to introductions and you’re going to places where you can potentially meet your soulmate. All of those things mean you’re turning your cab light on.

So do things that light you up because then you’ll have more opportunities to meet your soulmate. All these things that I’ve suggested, you can do right now.

If you find any of my suggestions uncomfortable or you think absolutely no way can you do these things, then contact me; send me a message. I can help because I do this all the time and I love doing it, and I help single women, just like you, who are struggling in their dating & love life – to go from single to meeting their soulmate. If you feel you’ve already met your soulmate but feel that he’s pulling away from you, then check out my FREE eBook, ‘Why Do Men Pull Away’. 

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Contact me for guidance when you’re ready to meet your soulmate and for now, I wish you well and wish you every success in meeting your soulmate.





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