Welcome to part 2 of my  online dating advice blog about Self Love. In Part 1 I explained about my client who asked me about how to love and respect herself, so it didn’t affect her thinking about men in a negative way. You can read Part 1 here if you missed it.

Here is a simple exercise by online dating advice: Go and write down what you used to do as a child that you loved to do.

I can guarantee you may not be doing half of those things anymore, and maybe you have other things that you prefer to do as an adult and I wonder how often are you doing the things you truly love during your week? If you want to meet someone, someone who is like minded, it makes sense to go to places where you can meet like-minded people.

So my next bit of online dating advice leads nicely onto, what’s your social life like?

Do you go straight home from work and just sit at home watching TV even if they are some of your favourite shows, hanging out by and with yourself – or perhaps with your housemates – the same ole same ole routine that does nothing about changing your single relationship status?  Is that what you spend a lot of your time doing or are you actually being sociable meeting NEW people regularly? Perhaps attending groups found on Meetup.com for example, which is a great place to meet like minded people.

The advice that I offer my clients and the online dating advice that I’m suggesting to you too, is to join groups that challenge you to meet and connect with others in person, whether it’s a topic that you’re passionate about or on a topic that you know nothing about but are curious to learn and explore and just try out, because sometimes, it’s good to meet people that are doing things that you wouldn’t usually do because it’s good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes, which will challenge your mind in new ways thereby keeping you mentally fit and young and curious about life – all qualities that are attractive.

That’s just some of the online dating advice I would highly recommend because it’s good to play and experiment in your life because your self-esteem will grow as a consequence of stepping outside of your comfort zone. One thing I know is, is that if you’re still single, (which I would guess given that you’re reading this article and this is about dating), then what I know is – is that what you want is just outside of your comfort zone. If it wasn’t, then you would have what you want already.

Therefore by doing things you like, as well as doing things that are just outside of the norm for you, is a form of self love because it says that you’re willing to take risks, that you value yourself enough to challenge yourself, to be open to new ideas – telling your subconscious mind that you’re safe which is an extremely powerful message to give yourself. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I know the messages that you give yourself are essential. Not only do good feeling surge more powerfully within you, but all these new explorations make you a more interesting and a stimulating exciting partner for another. Thereby making you stand out from others, also bringing a new energy to your life. So, my advice isn’t just about suggesting what you can do to meet someone or understanding men, but also about loving yourself just that little bit more than you’re doing right now.

Just one final tip in this online dating advice that will help you generate good feeling: Is there someone in your life, maybe it’s even someone well known, who you admire? Think about that person right now. Imagine all the qualities they have. Think of at least three qualities – three things that you admire and like about them. When you imagine them and those qualities, don’t you feel good too?

This is a simple way to generate good feeling within yourself and you want to feel good about yourself right don’t you? Furthermore, feeling those good feelings could inspire you just to feel good for absolutely no reason at all! Or/and these good feelings could even inspire you to try something new that perhaps you hadn’t felt confident to try before, because you didn’t feel good enough, but with all these good feelings, you now feel good enough to give it a go.  Seriously, this is such good online dating advice that isn’t solely focused on ‘getting the guy’ because you want more than that to live a fulfilled and happy life – a life that not only attracts that special guy but also keeps him – a life that any healthy emotionally mature man would want to be a part of.

So, take this online dating advice and think of something that you haven’t as yet had the confidence to try.  You know that something that you’ve been holding yourself back in some way. Could you try for yourself to create more of a life that you want, feeling the good feelings that you feel when you think of the qualities you admire in others?

Maybe there’s something that you really want to go for and you don’t feel confident but when you think of that person you just get to feel: “Oh they’re so amazing, I’d love to be like that” and feeling that energy just inspires you. It just makes you excited about life. Imagine living a life filled with those good feelings, imagine fantasizing about something that you really want and having that good positive energy about it and going for it.

If you’ve been struggling to feel connected and love for yourself, then I really want you to think of something you love, and do it! Do it for you. Do it just because!

Please leave a comment below to let me know how it goes, tell me what you’ve done, tell me an awareness that’s comes to your mind. Your suggestions and outlook helps other women just like you who also want good solid dating tips for women.

Contact me for support, and please feel free to suggest what you would like me to cover in more online dating advice blogs, but for now, I wish you well and I want you to find love and stay in love.




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