I know some of you will hide behind the clothes that you wear – using clothes as an amour to say: ‘Don’t get close to me’. It’s like a seemingly invisible wall that might not be obvious to some, but YOU know it’s there and HE can feel it too.  It’s almost palpable.

You see, I know some of you feel ugly inside. That when you look in the mirror you see only your apparent ‘faults’, and you fixate on them. Until it becomes all you can see & feel about yourself. And that thought & feeling about yourself is expressed through what you wear.

What you wear IS an extension of how you see & feel about yourself. FACT.

Whether we like it or not, what you wear says EVERYTHING about you. But is what you’re wearing saying how you would want people to see you? Is what you’re wearing, (if you’re willing to be completely honest with yourself), expressing you’re most awesome best feminine self?

Listen, if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable right now, it’s ok. I’m only revealing to you what you’re already thinking and believing anyway. And the beauty of that is: When you know what’s getting in the way of you loving the skin that you’re in, then you can do something about it.

So, come on a little journey with me and answer secretly to yourself these few questions:

When you look at the clothes you’re wearing regularly  – do you feel vibrant, Sexy, Feminine, Beautiful, Cute, Attractive, Playful, Or as what Beyoncé says: Bootlicious?

Or do you more often than not feel dowdy, plain, unattractive, masculine, neutral because you give it very little thought, or are clothes simply functional to you? That they serve a purpose that as long as they’re clean and cover up all your bits! then you’re good to go.

Listen, it doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum, what matters most is how you feel about it and how it’s affecting your love life.

So some of you might be wondering: Andrea, why are you talking about what to wear when you’re a Love Coach?

Well, you see – attraction is a curious thing.

When a guy doesn’t know you and is seeing you for the first time, he’s basing his experience of you in how you look, how you walk, your body language and of course what you wear. FACT. This matters not only from the first initial contact, but also throughout your entire relationship with him.

We might want people not to be ‘superficial’, but I would challenge anyone who says that they’re not.

So what you wear IS important when you want to find love. Look, I know ultimately there’s pretty much very little you can do to control how others see you, however, you can do things to change  how you feel about yourself and how you would wish to express yourself. So at least when you’re ready to find love, when you’re ready to not only attract but also keep Mr Right in your life,  you will know exactly what to do.

Attracting Mr Right starts before you leave the house. It starts before you walk out of the door. It even starts before you’ve gotten dressed. It starts with your thoughts from the moment you wake up.

When you thought of getting dressed this morning – what were your thoughts, or what are your regular thoughts when you look in the mirror?

You see, I don’t want anything getting in the way of you finding & keeping love with your Mr Right.

So lead with your feminine power.

Be bold, be fearless, find love.



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