Gina is one of my clients who has worked with me over a number of months to piece her relationship back together with her husband. Here’s her story of how she discovered to love again…


“I am a 41 yr old woman, have been with my husband for 20 yrs and married for 13 yrs.   We started out as all young love does, happy, full of energy, spending every minute together doing crazy adventurous things without a care in the world, even though we were besotted by each other we still let each other be free and that’s what made it the perfect friendship relationship and marriage… Five years into our marriage and after the birth of both our amazing children, I started to struggle with life, I became ill and was in a dark place..  and felt unsupported, unloved and this put a big strain on our relationship and we stopped communicating at all levels. I started to feel guilty that I wasn’t a good enough wife mum friend daughter everything just came crashing down.  My past, my present, my future was just spinning round and round my head I never got a break from my thoughts.

“I fought with my mind for years and always looked for reason or things or people to blame for my insecurities, for things not working out for me, for almost everything I needed to have an answer as to why I was feeling low, down and depressed.  After a long battle and seeing counsellors, taking tablets, trying homeopathy route, I was at my wits end with nothing working so I was over the moon when my good friend told me about Andrea, it was like music to my ears!

“I knew I needed someone who understood me, my issues and could get me the answers and the outcome I needed and Andrea’s way of working sounded like the ideal solution for me to finally get better.  I knew what I wanted and that I wanted to be healed, from the constant battle with my mind, the anxiety the low moods the constant feeling of fear.  I wanted to be free like the girl I was 20yrs ago when I first fell in love…. After speaking with my close friend and researching a bit more about Andrea and the work she did, I knew I was heading for the right place to get the help I needed.

“After my first initial phone call with Andrea I Instantly felt like I was home, She was just what I needed, her voice her words her knowledge was paramount she knew exactly where I was coming from and for the first time someone said that they could help heal me…

“My first face to face meeting with Andrea  was nerve racking; not only is she a beautiful woman but she is one powerful straight talking individual who doesn’t mince her words and you know exactly where you stand at all times.”

The work with Andrea started from the onset, from the very first session it was very intense I had lots of ground work to cover and completed a lot of detailed work sheets and questionnaires.  Andrea  would go through all the work sheets and build a picture about me and the issues I had and then build in solutions we would work through to enable me to move forward and heal. I would also complete a weekly 24hr update which is so useful it helps to re cap on the past week and reflect alongside the homework I was set too.

The programme is intense, and at times I felt exposed but needed to be as I needed to get to the root causes which was really supported by the hypnotherapy session and “The Works” programme that Andrea uses, The session are so chilled, and you feel safe and secure  to let go and be in the moment.

During and on completion of the programme , i started to notice big, big differences, it’s hard not to change your mind set, the work is so powerful that you do it starts to become as natural as breathing.  I realised what was important and what isn’t, I learnt to care less about what people think of me and think more about what I think of me. I learnt to focus just on my business and my business alone.

“My whole outlook on life changed, I was no longer a prisoner to my mind, with the hard work and dedicated support I was receiving from Andrea. She dealt with each and every one of my deep rooted issues, brought them to the surface and taught me how to face them and release them, she taught me how be me again and to live for the moment in the moment.

“My husband and I are like teenagers again so much in tune and loving our lives together, my kids have their happy go lucky fun loving mum back.  I changed the way I think the way I looked at life and learnt to trust in me and most of all my faith.  Andrea taught me how to put the jigsaw pieces together and find the beautiful child in me that has always been their waiting for to make  the journey back home.

“Andrea’s therapy is very different to any other therapy I have experienced, its more personal, its warm  but tough and challenging  when it needs to be,  Andrea always managed to clarify the bits that just weren’t clear and show me an new way of seeing and believing things, her non-judgemental open and  honest approach always made me feel heard and her honesty kept me in line and focused.  The therapy itself is intense and really touches the heart and soul , most of my session I came out thinking what has just taken place and felt like I was floating very powerful need to experience it to feel it.

“I highly recommend Andrea and her therapy to all types of woman who are struggling with issues or just life whether married or single, she has the tools and knowledge that can help heal anyone going through a difficult time with any aspect of their life, the results are amazing everyone should have an Andrea at some point in their life.  Completing the programme I have realised how far I have come and I smile because I’m truly proud of myself and the person that Andrea’s support & therapy has helped me become.”





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