For the single woman who feels stuck in her love life but is ready to make a change FAST

If ‘settling for crumbs’ isn’t ok with you anymore, then this is for you.

One Day VIP Detox Intensive:

There’s an emotional block that’s keeping you stuck. You know that if you don’t get past it, you’ll not find love.

You’ve probably convinced yourself that it’ll happen but you’ve been riding on belief and faith and he still isn’t here right?

You’ll be telling yourself that it NEEDS to happen today so you’re panicking and secretly worried deep inside that it just might not happen to you. You’re terrified that your worst fears will be confirmed so you rather pretend to yourself or others that all is well. You might’ve even have convinced yourself that all is well.

✔ You feel ready.
✔ You feel that he’s close.
✔ And you believe that’s all it takes.

But I’m sorry to say, it isn’t enough.

You’ve probably already attended spiritual or meditation retreats. But your love life still isn’t working is it?

You’ve tried online dating and most likely gotten fed up & frustrated with all the men who ask you for sex, or pretend they want what you want: who tell you that they’re going to call you but don’t.

I know you’ve been hooking up with guys who are married or seeing other women. Perhaps he hasn’t told you outright but your intuition tells you so. You just keep on getting a niggling feeling that something isn’t quite right.

You say you want love, but deep down you’re scared of putting yourself out there but even when you do, you know you’re still feeling anxious and are holding yourself back.

Your trust has gone.

Let’s admit it – you don’t trust men anymore because you’ve experienced a lot of pain and subconsciously you’ve decided no more. But you don’t want to give up either. So you’re stuck and you don’t know what to do.

Many single women, like you, deny your needs and put others first.  It’s in a woman’s mindset I guess.

You’ll probably prioritise work, business, family, children, the cat or dog before yourself….you probably put yourself last don’t you. But what’s a life without love? Even with all those things, I bet you still feel alone and empty inside – like something is missing.

Maybe you’ve already had children and believe that ‘you don’t need a man’, and that’s because you’ve had to develop a thick skin. Life’s brought you many challenges – and you’ve hardened. And you’ve ‘had to’ get on with things. But now, the consequence is, is that no guy can get in. There is no space for him. There’s no space for love.

But do you have any more time to waste on dead end relationships? Time is a commodity you can never buy back.

I know that there is that one, that ONE thing that’s holding you back, that if you knew you could remove it, it’d be a game changer for you.

Yet I’ve met so many single women who want to go it alone. And you know what I saw? Is that those same women struggled and made the same old tired mistakes over and over and over again.

I want you to value yourself. I want you to tell yourself that you’re worth it. Because isn’t your failings in relationships a direct result of you secretly believing that you’re not worth it?!

Who is this for?

This is for single women who:

✔ want to become a woman worthy of love…
✔ are no longer willing to settle for crumbs
✔ are the kind of woman who has finally said enough is enough and you’re not going to settle anymore.

If this is you.


You’re in the right place.

Why this?

Why now?

Why me?

Because this is about you finding love and not allowing anything to get in the way of that. I don’t want to bore you about how I turned my love life around, so instead, let me tell you about Kate.

In less than 99 days, Kate moved on from a guy who dumped her, who she thought she was going to marry and attracted Mr Right after she removed the emotional blocks to love.

“The hypnosis sessions really supported the work that I was doing in changing my old patterns through taking action. One session, in particular, was very powerful and has made a fundamental difference to my life not just in relationships with men but in being more playful and light generally.

I have been able to see the things that I was doing that were not working with men and I feel I’m now able to change those little negative patterns in a way that opens up not just him but also me to intimacy and companionship which I hadn’t experienced truly before

Kate Gilbert

Kate wasn’t willing to settle for ‘less than’ anymore.


Because you & I both know that a second rate mediocre relationship isn’t what she was, nor what you’re looking for. Am I right?

If there’s anything I’m big on, is that women live full expressive lives that include having a great love life with a great quality guy!

But as you know, attracting a guy isn’t the difficult part, it’s attracting the RIGHT guy AND keeping him. That’s why I love to do deep emotional work and help remove emotional blocks to love.

Enough about me because you know that it’s my clients’ results that matter most….

Like Joanne, who met the love of her life

what made my love life change rapidly for me: Looking at what might be blocking me in my past, some of the beliefs that I had around men, letting go of men that were still hanging around, and looking at power, that was big.

When I met Mark: It was just instantaneous that connection was like…it was like we were old friends and we’re just meeting again. It was just so lovely. 

My advice to other single women, is to look at what is stopping them from doing that, because it’s not the availability of men, it’s their own self which is stopping them, not trusting themselves or not being honest with themselves about what they want or not being brave enough to say to a man, this is what I want. 

Joanne Collier

I’ve reached 1000’s of women with my message

Wedding, babies…..are all part of my job. That’s why I love it….

I’ve even saved marriages…..

I’ve given talks…..

More importantly, I help single women get through their BS, so that they can find love.

Like Doris, who after removing her emotional blocks to love, met an amazing guy.

“I reached out to Andrea, I (now 38). I constantly felt that Andrea was there for me, was with me through thick and thin without losing her grip nor her patience nor her believe in the possibilities.
Because of her, I learnt to stay true to myself and speak out my truth, my feelings, my values. Due to this, I am now in an amazing relationship with an amazing man who shares all my values and teaches me love every single day. It was something I could not even imagine for myself, especially after not having had a relationship for about 4 years and struggling with meeting interesting men who were mutually interested in me.
Get in touch with Andrea, seek her help in times of trouble because she really cares.

Doris Neubauer

Still not sure?

Then see if this is you.

  • Can’t seem to meet Mr Right
  • You get scared when you get close to someone
  • You’re sick & tired of trying to figure it out alone
  • You’ve tried everything but you’re still stuck
  • If you could just get through this ‘bit’, then your love life would be different
  • You want somewhere private where you can receive a high level of support and change
  • You’re ready to dig deep and finally address what’s been bugging you for so long, and don’t want to live without love anymore
  • You want to work with someone who has proven experience and track record of helping single women remove emotional blocks to love and Attract & Keep Mr Right..

But before you contact me I need you to know some things:


1. If you see the investment as a cost rather than an investment in you, then I’m not for you. I’m not a Love Therapist who skirts around the issues, talks endlessly about the same problems and offers you no real solutions.

2. If you’re not ready to make changes in your love life in order to get your true hearts desire and prefer to remain stuck, then you’re not ready to work with me yet.

  • How many hours have you spent crying alone about love?
  • How many months and years have you spent being with a guy who eventually dumped you?
  • How much more are you going to allow your heart to get broken before finally saying enough is enough? What has all of that cost you?
  • How much will it cost you if you don’t do something about it now?

How much would you be willing to invest to be free of the emotional pain of being single and what’s keeping you stuck right now?


I’m in the business of helping you transform your love life….and help you get results fast…

I have a knack of zeroing on the core deep rooted issue…

If you’re ready, then let’s do this.

Click the button below now, because if you don’t do something different today, then how will tomorrow be any different?

Just like what Tiu who opened up to love again just after this ONE intensive session:

“Andrea is a gifted, wise, compassionate and imaginative facilitator and I recommend her highly. In just one session working with her, I managed to have a major breakthrough regarding the negative patterns I had been trapped in regarding relationships and meeting men. I had been single for some time, recovering from a major heartbreak a few years before, and had managed to construct an imaginary ivory tower that had kept me away from painful relationships but by this point was keeping me trapped in its confines, with no idea how to break out of it. In our session, I found that I was able to get past all the logical responses from my usual thinking processes and access new territory which then gave me the keys to leaving this tower and opening myself to love once more. Our session opened me to love again in a way that I would not have been able to do without her gentle, focussed guidance.”

Tiu de Haan

This could be you too.

If it’s happened for them, then it’s possible for you too.

Are you ready for love?

If so, then book a call with me by clicking the button below.

The details – what’s involved

  • A 5 Star luxury venue where you can be free to relax and explore your deepest relationship desires with me.
  • Space to safely confront the fears that are holding you back.
  • Clear away the emotional clutter of that ONE core issue that you know is holding you back.
  • Sauna.
  • Swim.
  • Cocoon style Love Pods to rest in.

This is a time for cleansing & healing in a quiet space…for deep reflection & contemplation & meditation. This is an opportunity for you to trust and let go of any guilt and shame & emotional scars from your past because you don’t need to hide anymore.

Location: Manchester

Other therapists & Love Coaches will offer you just talking therapy and next steps.

I go much deeper than that.

Before the day

  • A 30 minute call with me so I discover your personal emotional stumbling blocks to love

On the day:

  • Discover your Unique love map
  • Understand Your Female psychology in Relationship
  • And uncover Your ONE core real emotional block – (which might not be what you think it is) THEN remove & release it.


Leave with a deeper understanding of what your emotional & love triggers & emotional scars are so you stop sabotaging yourself AND ‘Next Steps’ that is unique to you.

PLUS unwavering emotional email support for seven days PLUS to complete our time together, you will get a   ‘Your Way Forward Session’, where you can get ‘everything you want to know but forgot to ask’ in an online video call.

  • This VIP Intensive is NOT a one size fits all.
  • Everything I offer is bespoke and personalised to you and only you.
  • You’re not just a number
  • You’re not generic
  • You’re unique and you’re you.

And I want to get to know the real you and help you release your emotional block to love.

Guaranteed, you’ll come away feeling lighter and with a sense of clarity, and clear steps in how to move forward into love

Limited spaces available

I have limited time in my diary right now, and I can only work with a few select single women at any one time.

So book a call with me!