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This could be your success story…

“I would highly recommend working with Andrea. She has transformed my life”

When I first met her I was meeting guys who didn’t make time for me, let me down and just was wasting my time. Over the course of learning how to date and how men behave I went on several dates to realise what red flags were, what I wanted in a guy and also my own self worth.

Six weeks into coaching with Andrea I actually met my Mr Right. In less than 3 months we were in a committed relationship. The following year we got married!

Since meeting Joshua it has made me realise I am lovable and using the techniques from Andrea it has helped the relationship from friendship to serious relationship.

I have found it invaluable the advice she has given and the unwavering support. It’s not easy in relationships and having Andrea be the sounding board and guide has really lifted my confidence.

I also learned how to dress more feminine and change the energy around men.

Thank you once again for this miracle!

Lisa & Joshua, who are now first time proud parents to a baby girl  

“Andrea made me feel at once safe and secure, to let me face what was holding me back, which was surprising as it was ‘myself’!”

I was shocked, it was that simple but without the gentle guidance and support about confronting my view of my past relationships and loss of family, I don’t think I would have met my husband and felt safe to enter a loving trustful, honest, relationship”

Sally Byrne, now married and a mum.

My biggest learning from having the session with Andrea is that I can be happy with or without a partner and also that I can have the partner with the qualities and values I desire

I would definitely recommend sessions with Andrea! Andrea’s style of questioning won’t let you hide behind your stories, she keeps you on track whilst being supportive as she guides you through this amazing process and helps you step into mental freedom.

Dela Ackuaku

“I feel more confident about my looks, I dress differently, I value myself more and I am genuinely much happier & more confident around men”

“I’m a professional woman who had been single for 9 years, continually making the same “mistakes” in relationships…..I knew the mistakes I made and the reasons why, but I couldn’t stop repeating that pattern of behaviour, as much as I tried.

I noticed that I was going for the wrong type of men for me: Those that wouldn’t commit, and if ever a nice available man came, I would push them away, and I would then become unavailable. This stopped anyone ever getting close to me. 

The sessions were emotional, challenging but also fun, lots of tears but more laughter. I had to get out of my comfort zone or nothing was going to change. 

The challenges increased my confidence and very little phases me now, The hypnotherapy sessions made me confront things from the past and leave them in the past.

If you want to move on, attract the right man and keep him go and see Andrea, she will find out everything, there is no hiding, she will challenge you more that you thought possible .. the results are a greater understanding of yourself, a happier you and the man of your dreams” 

Hayley Sian


“I’ve met the love of my life”

I’ve been divorced 10 years and had a number of relationships that have not been good, they were okay but not what I was looking for.

I think coming to see Andrea consistently and being consistent with what I was doing as well – was what made my love life change rapidly for me: Looking at what might be blocking me in my past, some of the beliefs that I had around men, letting go of men that were still hanging around, and looking at power, that was big.

When I met Mark: It was just instantaneous that connection was like…it was like we were old friends and we’re just meeting again. It was just so lovely.  

My advice to other single women, is to look at what is stopping them from doing that, because it’s not the availability of men, it’s their own self which is stopping them, not trusting themselves or not being honest with themselves about what they want or not being brave enough to say to a man, this is what I want. 

He is such a wonderful man, I couldn’t have written or described a more perfect man and here he is.  He’s got every single element that I wanted in a man and it’s just amazing, it’s lovely, I’m madly in love with him.  And you know what, he is so into me, and we’re talking about marriage.

Jo & Mark married in 2017 and are still together.  

“I am now in a relationship with an amazing man”

When I reached out to Andrea, I (now 38) wanting more connections, with myself, with people in general, with a loving partner. It was something I could not even imagine for myself, especially after not having had a relationship for about 4 years and struggling with meeting interesting men who were mutually interested in me.

I constantly felt that Andrea was there for me, was with me through thick and thin without losing her grip nor her patience nor her believe in the possibilities.

Because of her, I learnt to understand guys but mostly to stay true to myself and speak out my truth, my feelings, my values. Due to this, I am now in a relationship with an amazing man who shares all my values and teaches me love every single day. It´s still very fresh, it challenges me every day, but the miracle happened:

I said yes to someone who said yes to me and keeps on saying yes to me.

She really cares. And that´s way beyond of what you can expect from a therapist or coach. It´s like having a guardian angel with you on your journey. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. Thank you, Andrea.

Doris Neubauer


Andrea is a gifted, wise, compassionate and imaginative facilitator and I recommend her highly.

In just one session working with her, I managed to have a major breakthrough regarding the negative patterns I had been trapped in regarding relationships and meeting men.

I had been single for some time, recovering from a major heartbreak a few years before, and had managed to construct an imaginary ivory tower that had kept me away from painful relationships but by this point was keeping me trapped in its confines, with no idea how to break out of it.

In our session, I found that I was able to get past all the logical responses from my usual thinking processes and access new territory which then gave me the keys to leaving this tower and opening myself to love once more.

Our session opened me to love again in a way that I would not have been able to do without her gentle, focussed guidance.

Tiu de Haan


“I used to feel anxious with guys…I don’t feel that now”

When I first came to Andrea, I had just been dumped by a guy who I thought might be my husband and the one to have children with. I was in my late 30’s and after years of non-starter relationships and messiness, I was in no doubt that I was nearing the end of my opportunity to find the right man if I wanted to start a family, which I do.

When he broke up with me I felt completely hopeless, I had no idea how to get him back, everything I was trying was pushing him away further and I had completely lost hope that I was able to ‘keep’ a guy or find the right one who will want to stay.

I had done a lot of self-improvement courses in the past and also spiritual retreats etc. and although they helped they hadn’t taught me how to keep a guy or attract ones who weren’t themselves commitment phobic or players.

When working with Andrea, I found her pretty ‘fearless’ to say the things that were really difficult to digest. But I was amazed at the constant stream of emails that followed every ‘Date Report’ and every concern I shared with her – which were numerous! It was a bit like being a runaway train and being held onto the tracks.

I was reluctant to go on dates at first because I wasn’t over my ex. However, the experience of dating and trying on new ways of being with guys was probably the most valuable learning I had!

The hypnosis sessions really supported the work that I was doing in changing my old patterns through taking action. One session, in particular, was very powerful and has made a fundamental difference to my life not just in relationships with men but in being more playful and light generally.

I wanted to come away from the coaching knowing how to be with men, how to attract good ones and feeling more hopeful about finding a life partner, someone to start a family with. I have been able to see the things that I was doing that were not working with men and I feel I’m now able to change those little negative patterns in a way that opens up not just him but also me to intimacy and companionship which I hadn’t experienced truly before.

Andrea will hold your hand (very tightly) through a challenging journey to really take a look honestly at what you’ve been doing and make the necessary changes to lead you into a more committed relationship with a guy. I used to feel anxious with guys, particularly in the beginning, I don’t feel that now, I feel more at ease knowing that I’m not behaving or saying things that sabotage my chance of true connection with a guy.

Before I started my coaching with Andrea I really had no hope that I would be capable of having a long-term relationship or a family. Something has definitely changed in me through this process, the fears have gone, and I feel ready for love.

Finding and keeping my Mr. Right is now very real for me. Thank you, Andrea!!

Kate Gilbert

“I was five years single before I came to see Andrea. By the end of the coaching, I met my Mr Right!”  

I could tell from the get go that she could help me. To be honest, I didn’t think that I would meet someone again or trust a man again after being cheated on by my ex many years ago but I missed male company and didn’t want to spend the rest of my life being single. 

Andrea gave me a real education in finally understanding men and what makes them commit! It was such an eye opener! 

With Andrea I learned real dating & successful relationship skills; How to present my best self as a woman; To enjoy being feminine again. How to flirt, how to develop a healthy mindset and learnt how to communicate well with men. All in real time with real dating situations. 

There is absolutely no way I would have met my Mr Right without Andrea. 

Zonya Jeffrey


“I used to coach men before and here is what they had to say:”


“I had just gone through a very messy & acrimonious divorce and had taken a severe resentment against my ex-wife….even though I thought I had dealt with it …Andrea showed me I hadn’t. After the process, I felt relief from carrying around the hurt. I felt free.”

Andrea immediately puts you at your ease……she is relaxed but sharp & enables you to understand easily just what’s involve.

I was immediately impressed with how deeply she takes you into the therapeutic relationship & then ….with her empathy, gently but firmly keeps you there. She also gives you a glimpse of her skill & expertise …but in a warm way.

Her empathy shines as she takes you through what can be a very difficult thoughtful & emotional process. I was shocked …at the first session….just how quickly & easily she turned my mental awareness & subconscious feeling around. In short she gently facilitates you through to an often surprising acceptance of your own reality…..your own truth.

I didn’t really realise how effective it had been until a few months later someone asked me how so & so was ( my ex-wife ) and I responded: “Who…??”

I can honestly say that The Work is very powerful & potent and that I would highly recommend Andrea as an extremely adept facilitator….& anyone seeking her guidance for relationship problems couldn’t do better.

In my opinion her knowledge & experience of life is vast and coupled with her honesty & tolerance she can really REALLY help

Jim Bamber
Certified Clinical Psychotherapist


“If someone can stand honesty with themselves, Andrea is the best choice!”

Andrea has a very nice combination of warm caring presence, and sharp honesty. She doesn’t let you get away with anything less than something that really works for you. No soft half solutions, straight to the core. No messing around.

If you want relationship advice that really works, go see Andrea

D W.


“Proud daddy and happy with his dream woman”.
“I realised that in order to go forward I must let go of the past and be a man who has needs but to discuss them with my wife instead of other women. Talking with Andrea helped me relive my history and my wife’s part in this, an understanding from my wife’s perspective and many other women in the same situation.”

I wanted to just tell someone what had been happening in my life for many years and the reason why I kept on having affairs. I’m fully aware of what I did and the implications of my actions, but from my perspective it was fully justified, not because I didn’t love my wife because I do, but more so because of what I wasn’t getting.

My struggle was mainly the fact I felt that she didn’t want me anymore.

Talking with Andrea helped me relive my history. Now I’m able to place my energy into my wife and what we can do together so our lives are more enriched.

I appreciate her more and am genuinely looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together, having fun and helping each other when times are hard. Talking and saying what’s on our minds, working things out for the better. Sex is better when we do have it, but when we don’t I don’t think of having some with other women as it only leads down a dark path, and I’ve been there.

I do think of sex with other women that I’ve had but thinking is one thing and doing something about it is another. I’ve a strong sex drive and fantasise but if that’s the worse it’s going to be well seeing Andrea made it worth the while.

I’d suggest go and see Andrea as even though we may have the answers it’s not always clear and Andrea gives clarity where there is smog. Andrea’s techniques are better than a normal therapist and something I think you haven’t come across before. Non judgemental and open honest calm understanding, you’ll leave feeling what just happened, it wasn’t as bad as I thought kind of thing, but you really need to see and experience what she can do for you and your relationships.

S. B.


“I have learnt so much about men and myself…”

I reached out to Andrea when I was at a loss at where to go and what to do, and I’d tried everything…She completely put me on the right track! Even Coaches need to be coached and Andrea is warm, sincere and you can tell she loves and has a passion for what she’s doing! I have felt completely supported in the process and now more than ever I have complete faith that I will find the relationship with Mr Right for me!

I have learnt so much more about men and myself and even when you think you know everything…there’s more with Andrea!! There has been a definite shift in mindset for me, Andrea’s knowledge in her field is second to none, so insightful and all-encompassing I couldn’t have gotten where I am without her.

Her coaching is one of the most valuable things I have ever invested in for myself as a person and as a person looking to find the right Life Partner, and I have found it in Greg.

Whatever your needs or blocks to finding love or staying in love, Andrea is your girl!

Claire Patrick with partner Greg.


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