All men are liars and cheaters and WILL use you until someone better comes along…

Ladies, let’s be honest now…

Haven’t you had that thought at least once?!!!!  If you’re 30+ and still single, I know you must’ve been burnt by some guy.

We all have haven’t we girls?

At one point you’ve either been cheated on,

At some point you’ve felt used,

At some point you’ve felt lied to,

At some point, that guy didn’t call,

At some point he told you he has met someone else,

At some point you’ve felt very alone.

And it hurts, you want someone to blame,

So you blame him.

If you’ve been hurt in the past, this can affect your true feelings for other relationships

And in that moment, your heart closes down.

And then HE becomes your enemy.

You become guarded. You guard your heart so successfully that no man can get in because you want to be in control of your emotions and control your connections with men so that you don’t ever get hurt again.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can become so when a solid black stone wall is now wrapped firmly around your heart so no man can get in and nor your true deep feelings out.

As a result, you become rigid & stuck when you persistently hide your true feelings away from men – not letting him know how you really REALLY feel  – about him, about yourself, and about love too.

Your vulnerability is precious and good men want to see that side of you. Your Mr Right needs to see that side of you so HE can connect with you. Your Mr Right wants to know you.

Are you going to let him in?

You see, the more you don’t, the more you become stuck in a pattern that keeps you single, and that pattern can last for YEARS!!!! Clearly, this is a problem when what your heart truly desires is a long term meaningful loving relationship with your Mr Right.

Hiding your vulnerability away for fear of being hurt again means that you cannot truly connect with yourself nor with Your Mr Right. Hiding your true soft gentle feelings doesn’t keep you strong, it actually leaves you weak.

And you know what?

It doesn’t have to be that way

I say: Love without fear

Love fearlessly BUT in a way that keeps you emotionally safe!

That means, even though you’ve felt hurt in the past, and heck, maybe you’re even hurting right now – he still isn’t to blame for your feelings nor for how you experience the world. I’m sorry, but that’s true.

And do you want to know what the good thing about that is?

Is that you get to take responsibility for you and that’s what one of my coaching clients Joanne did. When she did, her Mr Right appeared within 99 days as if by magic. I call it the ‘woo woo’ effect.

You see, you can’t control him or men but you can decide how you wish to be.

So for you to fall in love, that does mean you MUST surrender wanting to control the outcome.

That means you must show your vulnerability.

And the man who does not treasure that, is then not the right man for you.

And that’s perfect, because the man you want is The Right man for you…

Let Mr Right in.

Let him see you.

Allow you two to fall in love.

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