Ladies, if you want a clear sign to know whether he is into you or not, then you’ll know by the level of investment he is making to be with you.

I see so many single women feeling confused & frustrated, endlessly talking about their relationship dramas with their girlfriends, analysing every single minute detail because the constant swirling in your head is:

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As a result, you’ll be watching his every move and paying attention to his every gesture because you want to see ‘proof’ of his love for you. The problem with this however sometimes, is if you can be prone to being a little paranoid at times, or have intense feelings of insecurity or jealousy, what you see has the potential to be clouded by your fears. In saying that, there are signs to look out for to discover whether he is really into you or not.

So, if you’re going to do that, then below are some signs for you to pay closer attention too because if you really want to know how deeply he is ‘into’ you then you need to have a clear strategy of signs to look for so that you can make a more informed decision as to an entirely emotional one.

Let me break it down for you and keep it simple.


Sign #1: How often is he spending time with you? And has there been an increase in him wanting to spend time with you?

When a guy is getting more and more into you, he will want to see you more often. OR at least, he will most certainly be touching base with you at those times that you’re a part, because he will want to let you know that you’re someone special to him but more importantly, because he’s feeling an emotional connection towards you, so he will naturally feel compelled to remain in close connection with you.

Sign #2:  How consistent is he? Or is it that you don’t know when you’ll see him from one moment to the next?

What you want to see is consistency in his contact with you. If you find yourself waiting around a lot, unsure if or when you’re going to hear from him, then that’s not a good sign. If at the beginning he’s in regular contact on a fairly consistent basis, then you start to notice it becoming less frequent the longer you two are together, then that definitely isn’t a good sign, and would suggest that he’s pulling away from you as his attention is going elsewhere. Does he keep in regular contact with you? Touching base with you in between the times you don’t see each other is a great sign of a guy who is thinking about you.

Sign #3: Does he call you ‘last minute’ to hook up & hang out and often involves sex?

Listen, this doesn’t always have to mean at night time. Does he contact you last minute in the day times – asking you if you’re free to hang out. Hey, he might even be offering you a great time out somewhere, where you’ll get the chance of getting all dolled up and made to feel special. BUT, if he does this THEN gets busy doing other things, this would suggest that he isn’t that into you, but had some spare tickets, perhaps one of his other girls cancelled on him, and he then thought of you.

I’ve seen this happen before with one of my clients. A guy she REALLY liked, after being inconsistent with his contact with her, called her up on a Friday, and asked her if she fancied a weekend trip to London, all expenses paid – hotel, dinner,  and everything – to see Cirque de Soleil. She said yes of course and was ecstatically happy.

However, that happiness didn’t last for long, when he told her, at the expensive hotel, after eating a wonderful meal, that his favourite girl couldn’t go with him, so he called round to see who else was free to go instead.

Sign #4: Does he often get busy with friends or work when you want to see him?

Have you noticed that he seems to be up for all sorts of plans BUT when you actually come to make those plans, he then gets busy and always has something else going on that he can’t get out of? OR he will commit to those plans then on the night before or on the day, he cancels on you and tells you that something has ‘just come up.? He might even tell you this dramatic story of someone being ill, or gotten hurt – something that would make it impossible for you to get angry or upset at him for? Of course terrible things happen to people all the time. So I don’t want you to be paranoid. However, I do want you to be mindful of how often something else comes up and how frequently he does this. Especially when you take into account the other signs as mentioned above and below.

Sign # 5Has he introduced you to his friends?

Now this is an interesting one because just because he has introduced you to his friends doesn’t necessarily mean that you are something serious to him, however, if he NEVER or doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends, then that’s a definite bad sign.

Sign #6: Do you two always ‘Go Dutch’?

In our modern world of gender equality, the whole ‘who pays for what’ has gotten all mixed up and confusing. The rules of the game are no longer as clear as they have been in the past. However, what hasn’t changed, is that when a man wants to demonstrate that he’s investing in you, then he will definitely want to SHOW you, and that can include him willing and wanting to share is vital resources with you. Of course, that can mean money. Spending cash on you to show you that you mean something more to him. Caveat, some guys will always be the gentleman and will always pay because that’s just who they are. But if you’re with someone who is stingy and mean towards you, and what I mean by that, is that he isn’t generous with you in any way, then that would suggest that he isn’t into you enough to value spending his money on. I know that might sound crude and crass, but if isn’t willing to even share with you what he does have, or find creative ways to make you feel special, then really, you shouldn’t be with this guy. Period.

Sign #7: Has he told you it’s ‘not the right time for him for anything serious’?

Well, this one is self explanatory. He can like you, he can really care about you, but if he is at the time in his life where HE knows his time and energy is going to go elsewhere – like building a business or career – the he knows he cannot dedicate his time to you.

In this situation, only you can decide on whether you want to ‘wait’ until he might possibly be ready. It’s a risk only you can take and only you can decide to make a decision on. When you way up everything else as written above, as well as your age and what you’re wanting for yourself – for example, like do you want to start a family – then you have to consider ultimately what’s right for you.

I’m all about you getting into and having an incredible relationship with your Mr Right. And Your Mr Right wants the same as what you want, in the same time frame and most importantly, he wants them with you.

 So, after having answered and explored the above questions then you’ll see much more clearly how much HE is into you regardless of how you might feel about him.

The thing is: when a guy is REALLY into you, there is absolutely no mistaking it.

HE will declare his desire for you openly both in words AND in action.

❤️ Invest in you – in time – both in person and connecting when that’s not possible face to face.

❤️ Invest in you – financially too.

❤️He will stop seeing other women.

❤️ He will tell you how he feels.

💝 HE will be moving the relationship forward – showing you that you mean something special to him. 💕🌈

If he isn’t doing that, then sorry to say, you mean little to him.

A man will invest into a woman he loves and cares for. Period.

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