Are you a single woman looking for love?

I know you.

You’re tired of going in nowhere dead end relationships whilst your friends are getting into meaningful ones. You’re probably successful in other areas of your life except this one thing. You’re attractive & intelligent, but still no Mr Right so you feel that something is wrong with you. Maybe you know why you’re alone and single but can’t stop all the issues that are getting in the way. I know secretly inside you feel like a failure because no matter how hard you try, you just don’t seem to be lucky in love.

Perhaps your biological clock is ticking and you’re silently screaming inside, asking:


Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

My name is Andrea and I’m The Fearless Love Coach, one of the leading Love & Relationship Coaches in the UK. You deserve love so it’s time to stop settling for crumbs and Attract & Keep Your Mr Right now! It’s time to finally find the answers as to why your love life hasn’t been working so I’m here to give you the answers that you’ve been searching for. My goal: Is to help as many strong single women as possible create the love relationship they truly desire. You WILL believe, YES, It’s possible!!!

Why me?

Because I’ve been that girl who has made loads of mistakes so that you don’t have to! With me you’ll learn to date & mate wisely & intelligently because I will give you advice that really works so you will Attract & Keep Your Mr Right.

“Before I met Andrea I was extremely unhappy and single. Now I’m in a very happy loving relationship”

P Brookes, now engaged to be married.

“If it wasn’t for Andrea, I wouldn’t have met my now husband”

Sally Byrne, now married and a mum


You’re not on your own anymore.

I help strong sassy single women get the love life they deserve. Let’s get real. Let’s get raw. Let’s get honest.

The truth is:

You want to feel loved and cherished and cared for. Together we can do this.

  • No more being taken for a fool.
  • No more players.
  • No more crumbs.
  • I know you’ve felt abandoned.
  • I know you’ve felt a failure.
  • I know you’ve hardened because you’re scared of getting hurt again.

But that stops now. Together we can do this, you and I. Now it’s your time to find, attract & keep love.

Want to find out how you can work with me?

There are TWO ways you can work with me: If you know that there is ONE issue that if you knew you could resolve, it would be a game changer for you and turn your love life completely around, then the 1 Day Remove Emotional Blocks To Love VIP Detox Intensive is for you. Click button below to find out more

If you know that you want to be supported & have unwavering emotional support over a longer period; to help you go from single to a committed relationship; to eliminate fear & feelings of abandonment; to lead with your feminine power; to understand men and what makes him commit to you for the long term, then click the button below to find out more.

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